Elastic Search is a horizontally scalable search engine with support for near real time search. Here, we will go over how this Elastic Search does it.

Python packaging Being new to Python and PySpark, and had to test PySpark feasibility on old Hortanworks Data Platform (HDP) cluster, I had many questions. Having worked on Java, Spark I was expecting similar workflow for how we would run the PySpark application on the cluster. I assumed there would...

Problem Statement: Given a file of text, output what all words appear in the file and how many times.

Spark is distributed data processing framework used in Big Data world to process a big amount of data in a distributed way to process it parallelly and so faster.

We had this Java Spring Boot based micro-service not doing any heavy lifting as such, but on whichever environment we deployed it, it always had close to 200% CPU usage.