I am Nilesh Injulkar. I am from Kolhapur and live in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

I have been a Software Engineer for close to a decade now. I mainly have worked as a Full Stack Developer with Java based stack. You can find more details about my career at LinkedIn.

I like reading books especially biographies, but I keep exploring different genres. You can see what I plan to read or have read on Goodreads

Free or working, you can find me rocking to Classic Rock. My playlists hosts Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi and Beatles and many other.

I am fond of trekking. I love visiting same or different forts nearby Pune with same or different people.

Other stuff I follow:

  • Meditation
  • Technology
  • Memes

-Peace :v:


Injulkar Nilesh

Code. Read. Trek.

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